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Monika and John, August 2014
Hey everyone, this guy has a girlfriend fiancée!

I trust in reason, love and liberty. Over the last decade, my interests have followed an arc though math, economics, ethics and personality. I want to understand what influenced my beliefs and how other people came to theirs. After peeling back so many layers of the onion, I've arrived at an increasing number of timeless, intractable truths. In one plea, “Please fathers, raise your children. Please mothers, choose the right fathers. And please children, accept responsibility for yourselves.”

In my material life, I program computers, play chess and video games, cook and go on an occasional backpacking trip. I've been tinkering with writing an old-school, pencil-and-paper role playing game called Choice and Chance which you can download from this web site. I am engaged to marry Monika, a lovely, shy little woman who blushes when I mention her yet would feel disappointed if I didn't.